#BreakingNews : Jember's Grindcore Band, BELATI TAJAM, Unleashes Debut Album 'Perjalanan Dimensi' to Rattle Hardcore Music Enthusiasts Across the Archipelago


Released via PT Suara Mas Abadi Jakarta on March 27, 2024, the album offers nine tracks filled with distortion and brutal beats, promising to ignite spirits. Titles like 'Balyani', 'Kita Persid Jember', 'Darah Muda', and 'Aku Cinta Indonesia' reflect patriotic fervor and social criticism wrapped in explosive, varied, and dynamic grindcore music. Recorded across three studios in Jember, Belati Tajam's lineup of Gandoz (vocals), Pepenk (guitar), Muchan (bass), and Ufis (drums) delivers cohesion and roaring energy in every song. Two tracks feature a stellar collaboration with guitarist Nuril 13, adding dimension and variation to Belati Tajam's music. Their songs not only reverberate locally but also feature in various physical CD compilation albums alongside bands from Indonesia and abroad, including Agathocles, Extreme Decay, Muntah Kawat, Pontblank, and others. The track 'Darah Muda' even graces the prestigious 'Maximum Voltage Djarum Super Music' CD compilation album, highlighting their presence among the giants of the metal music scene. Beyond just music, the album 'Perjalanan Dimensi' aims to convey a message: 'Sirna dalane pati, nur sifat, luber tanpo kebek,' urging listeners to eradicate envy, be useful, and remain humble.

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