#BreakingNews : MALEVOLENT Unleashes Debut EP "Malevolent" - A Cinematic Symphonic Metal Masterpiece

Belgium/French composer and musician Nikolaas Van Riet has unveiled Malevolent's debut EP "Malevolent," a fusion of symphonic and gothic metal sounds. Released on December 21, 2023, via Necktwister in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, the EP comprises five tracks designed to enthrall fans of epic orchestration, astonishing vocals, and deep death grunts.

Produced by Joost VandenBroek, recognized for his work with Powerwolf and Epica, the EP features lead vocalist Celica Soldream, known for her Celtic-inspired vocals and contributions to projects like World of Warcraft Warbringers: Azshara and Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" trailer. Additionally, the EP boasts guest vocals by Mark Jansen from Epica.

Malevolent represents a collaboration of musical minds, with Van Riet's vision of merging classic symphonic and gothic metal with modern cinematic elements. Backed by proficient studio musicians, the EP promises a captivating journey through a post-apocalyptic malevolent world.

- Nikolaas Van Riet: All Instruments
- Celica Soldream: Vocals

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