#BreakingNews : ROTTENPIG Unleashes Debut Single "NARASI TUHAN" in a Groundbreaking YouTube Premiere!

At precisely 12 pm today, April 24, 2024, ROTTENPIG, the renowned death metal ensemble recognized for their eerie pig monster masks, launched their highly anticipated debut single, "NARASI TUHAN," on their official YouTube channel. The electrifying track is now available for streaming on Spotify, amplifying the band's reach to a global audience.

This release marks a pivotal moment for ROTTENPIG as they pave the way for their forthcoming EP, slated for later this year. Originating from Purworejo, Central Java, the band, comprising Bagaz Begundal (vocals), Trizz Butcherhead (guitar), Agus Sinner (bass), and Genjixx Prisma (drums), has garnered steadfast support from the Purworejo metal community, particularly the Dark Embrionic Community (POGO – Purworejo Gogrog), propelling them to prominence within the Indonesian metal/extreme scene.

With notable additions to their lineup in 2023, including Bono (Drosophila) as the second drummer, Riki Pokemon as the second guitarist, and Alex Rafael (Destroyer Kid) as the main vocalist, ROTTENPIG continues to embrace their core concept rooted in extreme metal. Their distinctive pig and boar masks serve as potent symbols, encapsulating themes of self-blasphemy, provocation, and unbridled expression.

Stay tuned as ROTTENPIG's debut single, "NARASI TUHAN," reverberates across the metal community, further solidifying their status as trailblazers in the genre.

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