#BreakingNews : AIMLESS Launches Debut Mini Album "Hope You Feel The Suffering"

Subang-based hardcore unit AIMLESS, known for their heavy and aggressive sound infused with dark tones, has just released their debut mini album titled "Hope You Feel The Suffering" on May 1, 2024, through Keeprawk Records.

Formed in 2020 and first gaining attention with their demo single "DEVASTATED," AIMLESS continues to explore the depths of hardcore music. Their new EP features five tracks that dive into life's struggles, social unrest, and personal turmoil, delivering a powerful and meaningful narrative.

The EP, crafted over a lengthy period starting from October 2022, showcases the band's relentless dedication despite individual commitments and mid-project conceptual changes. The journey begins with a heavy and dark 'Intro' and leads into 'Suffering,' characterized by sharp riffs and angry vocals. 

A notable collaboration on the EP is with Faiq Nurfratama of 'Punitive' on the track 'Pretend,' which blends fast tempos and melodic clean vocals to heighten the sense of sadness. The song 'Ironi' stands out with its bold critique of oligarchy and authority, wrapped in a black metal ambiance. The closing track, 'Endless Pain,' combines hardcore and slamming elements to deliver a powerful conclusion, filled with hatred and chaos.

AIMLESS's lineup includes Ari Wildan on vocals, Rakha Rahadian and A. Dwi Pebriyanto on guitars, Ryan Fakhruddin on bass, and Syaefulrohman on drums.

"Hope You Feel The Suffering" is now available on digital platforms.

Email: aimlesshc666@gmail.com
Whatsapp: 0821 4065 9622