#BreakingNews : BALI HEADBANGER MUSIC Releases "Jingle Compilation 2024" Featuring Diverse Metal Genres

Bali Headbanger Music (BHM) has just released a new compilation album titled "Jingle Compilation 2024" from 1921 Baliheadbanger Online Radio (1921BHOR). This album features nine new tracks, with both music and lyrics crafted by @brutalsick. Among these is a special track dedicated to the 19-21 Bali Corpsegrinder music community. The compilation also includes a classic jingle "Our Pride" created by Ivan from the band After Masehi.

Each track in the album presents a unique musical style, ranging from death metal, power metal, and hardcore to rapcore. The lyrics reflect 1921BHOR's commitment to supporting the underground music movement, particularly in the rock and metal genres. 

Fans can enjoy this compilation for free on Bali Headbanger Music's Bandcamp page. This release underscores 1921BHOR's dedication to fostering and sustaining the underground music scene. Enjoy the new tracks and support 1921BHOR to ensure it remains on the air indefinitely.

Track Listing:
  1. From Bali to the Worldwide 
  2. Jiwanya Berkobar 
  3. Melaju Tanpa Henti 
  4. Kami Tegak Berdiri 
  5. Tiada Henti Bergema 
  6. Across Distant Lands 
  7. Tak Terhenti Berjuang 
  8. Menyapa Tanpa Jarak 
  9. 19-21 Bali Corpsegrinder Selamanya Jaya! 
  10. Our Pride (feat. After Masehi - Bonus Track)