#BreakingNews : East Middle Afrobeat Music, HUMMUS Reflects Forest Fire Tragedy

Indonesian band, Hummus, has released their latest single "Smoke Haze" on various platforms on March 22, 2024. In response to the recurring forest fire disasters in Indonesia, Hummus releases their third single titled "Smoke Haze". Despite a decrease in the intensity of fires each year, the release of the single is deemed relevant as it aims to remind of the disaster and encourage mitigation efforts.

The trio, consisting of Bram (guitar & vocals), Anzar (drums), and Kiki (bass, organ, & conga), showcases Afrobeat music with a Middle Eastern twist that is quite aggressive. From the beginning of the song, listeners are offered intense music, which persists until the end of the song. "Smoke Haze" will condition us to stay focused on the attractive composition and reflective lyrics.

Each verse rapped by Bram weaves anxieties and anger towards the fire that always arises from human greed. The singing also emphasizes on governmental negligence, which prefers to hide behind a 'magical' image rather than taking preventive measures against the fire. The lyrics constructed by Bram and the Afrobeat music of Hummus intertwine to become a warning entity to preserve the environment on which we tread.

"Smoke Haze" is the third single and material for Hummus' debut album. Previously, the band has released two other songs titled "Dead Land" and "A Couple of Lovers". For more information, please visit our Instagram account.

Hummus, a trio from Bandung established in 2014, combines Afrobeat with their rock music foundation, accompanied by Middle Eastern sound touches. The band members consist of Bram (guitar), Andzar (drums), and Kiki (bass).

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