#BreakingNews : "IMPURITY Releases 'Genocide Recital' – A Furious Gamelan Deathcore against Massacres and Injustice"

Bandung-based Deathcore unit IMPURITY has unleashed a new single titled "Genocide Recital" on April 24, 2024, across various digital music platforms. Departing from their previous releases, this single marks a significant shift in their musical direction.

"Genocide Recital," a 2 minutes 44 seconds track, portrays a performance depicting the anger-filled sentiments towards the increasingly chaotic world, celebrating those who have experienced oppression, massacre, violence, and injustice, urging them to rise from despair and rebel against it. Combining anger, sorrow, and relentless struggle, the song creates a touching and meaningful expression, conveying a simple yet profound message.

Unlike their previous releases, "Genocide Recital" incorporates a hardcore vibe fused with gamelan instruments. With hard and fast guitar riffs, the song intensifies feelings of anger and resistance. Retaining their signature deathcore elements such as scream vocals, guttural techniques, blast beats, and breakdowns, IMPURITY introduces a new dimension to their sound with the inclusion of gamelan instruments.

During the creative process, IMPURITY drew inspiration from bands like Knocked Loose, END, Year of the Knife, Chelsea Grin, and Suicide Silence. The production of "Genocide Recital" was swift, taking less than a month from conception to completion during preparations for a gig event at a Bandung campus.

Looking ahead, IMPURITY plans to release a lyric visual video for "Genocide Recital" and eventually drop a Mini Album (EP). But before that, they have another single in the pipeline.

Formed in early 2023, IMPURITY initially started as a musical ethnic project for cultural events. Sharing similar musical tastes and a desire for musical expression, they transitioned into their own music project, releasing their debut work "Disaster" in April 2023. With a complete lineup now, IMPURITY consists of River (vocals), Hafiz (guitar), Kaizer (guitar), Galih (bass), and Dimas (drums).

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