#BreakingNews : KONZTITUSI Releases Debut EP "Inhuman Sights"

Konztitusi, the hardcore band known for their experimental approach, has officially released their debut EP titled "Inhuman Sights E.P" today. Formed in 2021, this highly anticipated release marks a significant milestone for the band after three years of development.

"Inhuman Sights E.P" features a blend of hardcore music and socially reflective lyrics. The lead single, "Living in Slavery," stands out with its poignant commentary on social and humanitarian issues, resonating with the band's real-life experiences and observations.

Recorded at Playrecords Studio Jakarta by Nabiel Sungkar, the EP showcases a unique style that aims to establish Konztitusi as one of the most intriguing and innovative bands in the hardcore scene. The band's approach integrates influences from both old-school and contemporary music, creating a distinct sound that reflects their broad musical references.

Konztitusi, founded by four high school students from Salemba Raya, Central Jakarta, has undergone several lineup changes but remains committed to their craft. With "Inhuman Sights E.P," they hope to reach a wide audience and leave a deep impact on listeners.

For more information and to listen to "Inhuman Sights E.P," visit [Konztitusi's official website or streaming platforms].

Email: konztitusihardcoreofficial@gmail.com
Whatsapp: +62 85771210411