#BreakingNews : Adri Releases Debut EP "The Monster Inside Me", Showcasing Solo Career Versatility

On May 19, 2023, Adri launched his first EP, "The Monster Inside Me", marking a significant milestone in his solo career. The EP features collaborations, including a notable performance by Fabiano Negri. The track “Toho, The Space Ninja” was entirely executed and produced by Adri himself.

Interestingly, the English tracks on the EP were composed before the Portuguese songs Adri released prior to "The Monster Inside Me". Adri, who previously sang and played bass for the band Bayhall, officially began his solo journey in September 2022 with the single “Eu Que Lute”. Following this, he released several singles, including “Templo do Sol”, “Não Vou Parar”, and “A Caverna”, demonstrating his relentless dedication to his new musical venture.

PR Agency: Hell Yeah Music