#BreakingNews : Florianópolis-Based Black Metal Band VOORISH Releases Debut Single "You Are Nothing"

Emerging black metal band VOORISH has unveiled their debut single "You Are Nothing" on their official YouTube channel. The band, formed in mid-2021, aims to channel the dark emotions stirred by the pandemic into their music.

Comprised of members Juliano dos Santos “Devil From Chaos” (vocals), Wellington Rodrigues de Oliveira “Servus Inferni” (guitar), Gustavo Kretzer “Scepticismi Defensoris” (bass), and Igor Thiesen “Umbra Entitatis” (drums), VOORISH explores themes of Satanism, occultism, and misanthropy in their work. The single marks the first release from their upcoming debut album, "Voorish," which will be released track by track.

"You Are Nothing" features a music video directed by Iandro Antônio, who has a long-standing collaboration with vocalist Juliano dos Santos. The video captures the intense and dark essence of the band's message.

In an interview with Rifferama, Juliano dos Santos explained the inspiration behind their music, highlighting the contrast between the pandemic-induced dark thoughts and the prevalent positivity and gratitude narratives. VOORISH's music delves into themes of death, destruction, and the worst aspects of humanity, reflecting genuine and heartfelt expressions of their experiences.

Stay tuned for more releases from VOORISH as they continue to share their debut album's tracks on digital platforms.

PR Agency: Hell Yeah Music