#BreakingNews : LIGHTLORN Unveils New Single "Noctalgia" and Expands Band Lineup

The cosmic black metal band LIGHTLORN has released their highly anticipated new single "Noctalgia" on May 31, 2024. Formed in 2021 in Gothenburg, Lightlorn is renowned for their exploration of themes such as alienation, isolation, and existential dread. Their name, meaning "bereft of light," perfectly encapsulates their musical and lyrical focus on the darkest and coldest voids of the cosmos.

Lightlorn first captured the attention of the metal community with their EP "These Nameless Worlds" in 2022 and their debut full-length album "At One with the Night Sky" in 2023. Both releases received critical acclaim from prominent publications including Metal Hammer, No Clean Singing, Invisible Oranges, and Noob Heavy.

In an exciting development, Renwar, the band's vocalist and primary songwriter, has expanded the lineup by recruiting Robert on bass and Antonio on drums. Both new members made their debut on the new single "Noctalgia," which continues to explore the band's signature themes of cosmic despair and haunting melodies.

Currently, Lightlorn is hard at work on their second album, with plans to release it in early 2025. Fans eagerly await this upcoming release, expecting another deep dive into the abyss of black metal infused with the band's unique cosmic aesthetic.