#BreakingNews : Mesmerizing Collaboration - GALMED Joins Forces with Crying Tomorrow (Italy & Iran) on "Interlude in Darkness"

In a remarkable blend of musical traditions and modern intensity, GALMED has announced a thrilling collaboration with Crying Tomorrow (Italy & Iran) on their latest single, "Interlude in Darkness." This song takes listeners on an emotional journey, weaving together dark and light harmonies to reflect on the challenging moments when darkness seems to prevail but hints of serene resilience shine through.

"Interlude in Darkness" uniquely combines traditional Batak Toba instruments, such as the gondang and Surdam Karo, with powerful djent metal elements. This fusion creates a striking contrast, where ancient sounds evoke deep cultural roots, while the djent metal sections deliver a forceful, intense backdrop, portraying the struggle and tension.

One of the standout features of this track is the international collaboration. Crying Tomorrow's Valerij Montecchi from Italy contributes both clean and screamo vocals, enhancing the song's dynamic range. From Indonesia, Ritchie Sinuraya adds traditional flavors with the Surdam Karo, while Andrian J Pradita complements with his scream vocals. The project has brought together a diverse array of musicians from around the world, setting the stage for a digital album release soon available on various digital music platforms.

The lyrics, written in Batak Toba and English, add a profound layer to the song. They narrate a quest for light amidst darkness, exploring internal conflicts and the strength found in facing uncertainty. The use of Batak Toba language enriches the cultural element and deepens the meaning, while English lyrics convey a universal message of resilience and struggle to a global audience.

"Interlude in Darkness" is more than just a song; it is an artistic expression of the human condition in the face of challenges. It showcases that even in the darkest times, there is always potential to find a glimmer of hope and tranquility, inspiring us to keep moving forward.

The single is now available on the 66Galmed YouTube channel and will soon be accessible across all digital music platforms.

**About GALMED:**
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