#BreakingNews : Rising Heavy Metal Titans AGAINST EVIL Announce New Album "Give 'Em Hell"

Visakhapatnam, India - AGAINST EVIL, the heavy metal band known for their electrifying sound and high-energy performances, is set to unleash their much-anticipated new album, "Give 'Em Hell," on July 12th. This release will be available via Doc Gator Records in Europe and independently for the rest of the world.

Formed in 2014, AGAINST EVIL has built a global fan base with their unique blend of traditional heavy metal, power metal, and thrash metal. The band's discography includes an EP and two critically acclaimed full-length albums: "Fatal Assault" (2015), "All Hail the King" (2018), and "End of the Line" (2021). Their relentless touring, including two successful European tours, has solidified their reputation in the metal community.
"Give 'Em Hell" marks a significant milestone for the band. The songwriting process for the album began in June 2023, shortly after their triumphant return from their second European tour. Despite starting with only one song idea, the band's creative momentum resulted in the rapid completion of the album by December 2023.

In a statement about the new album, the band shared, "We kept our songwriting approach the same as always, aiming to create songs that give us the same excitement we feel when listening to our favorite bands like Judas Priest and Accept. We're extremely happy with the end result and hope our fans will enjoy it as much as we do."

The production of "Give 'Em Hell" was a collaborative effort, with all songs being produced, written, and recorded by the band. They teamed up once again with their trusted collaborators, Andrej from All Things Rotten for the artwork and Simone Mularoni from Domination Studio for mixing and mastering.

Following the album release, AGAINST EVIL will embark on another European tour from August to September 2024, promising fans an unforgettable live experience filled with the band's signature "fist-pumping, bone-crushing, adrenaline-inducing heavy metal."

Mark your calendars for July 12th and get ready to experience the raw power and energy of AGAINST EVIL's "Give 'Em Hell."

Stay tuned for more updates on the album and tour dates.

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