#BreakingNews : VOLCANO SHOW #4 Set to Rock Bali with "METAL EVERYWHERE" Theme

ERUPSY proudly announces the return of VOLCANO SHOW #4, set to take place at the end of 2024. Themed "METAL EVERYWHERE," this highly anticipated event aims to rejuvenate the metal scene, showcasing its raw energy and creativity.

- @trojan_death
- @momcalledkiller
- @kaligula__official
- And many more

Stay tuned for updates on VOLCANO SHOW #4!

VOLCANO SHOW, initiated by "ERUPSY," a prominent metal band from Gianyar, Bali, will mark its fourth edition this year. The event is dedicated to advancing the underground metal scene in Bali and providing a platform for talented bands to shine.

**Upcoming Event:**
**Date:** December 7, 2024

ERUPSY's goal with this event is to reignite the metal music scene in Bali, promote their latest works, and celebrate their recent tour around Bali. Through this event, ERUPSY hopes to contribute significantly to the growth of the metal music community in the region.