#BreakingNews : WOUND COLLECTOR Releases New EP "Begging For Chicxulub"

WOUND COLLECTOR, the innovative death metal band led by renowned saxophonist and composer Peter Verdonck, has just released their latest EP titled "Begging For Chicxulub" on June 15th, 2024. This new release, featuring four powerful tracks, marks the band's fourth work following two full-length albums and a single.

Fans of Nile, Imperial Triumphant, Sarpanitum, and Immolation will find much to appreciate in this new offering. The band's lineup includes Peter Verdonck on saxophone and vocals, Guy Van Campenhout on guitar and backing vocals, Poncho Gavall on lead guitar, Stijn Deldaele on bass guitar, and Nico Veroeven on drums.

Since their formation, WOUND COLLECTOR has been known for blending Verdonck's passion for death metal with his expertise in saxophone. Their previous works, including "Eternal Bloodcult" and "Depravity," have garnered significant acclaim in the metal community. The band's unique sound continues to evolve with "Begging For Chicxulub," promising a fresh yet familiar experience for their audience.

Stay tuned for more updates and live performances from WOUND COLLECTOR.

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