#BreakingNews : DIGNIFY Releases Powerful New Single and Music Video "It's Not Your Fault"

Rising stars in the Bahian Heavy Metal scene, DIGNIFY, have just unveiled their latest single and music video for the exhilarating track, "It's Not Your Fault." This compelling composition is imbued with a profound message of resilience, reflecting the human capacity to overcome life's adversities.

Dignify's work transcends mere music, embodying a life mission where their songs become a source of inspiration and determination. The band passionately states, "We are who we are and do what we love! Music unites purposes, unifies missions, dignifies our soul, and heals the ills of our lives."

Watch the music video for "It's Not Your Fault" here:
[YouTube Link](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwYjOwQ92Qs)

Listen to the single on Spotify:
[Spotify Link](https://open.spotify.com/intl-pt/track/6NnuJ0GAcRxNr1vijDZXau?si=bdca0d7f8f054ad2)

Formed in Salvador, Dignify blends Heavy Metal with elements of both National and International Rock, drawing influences from Hard Rock to Extreme Metal, Progressive to Melodic, all while maintaining their unique identity. The band comprises Fábio Aruga on vocals, Márcio Messeder on guitar, Hostil on bass, and Bruno Miranda on drums.
Guitarist Márcio Messeder shares insights on the new release: "Our goal with this video was to capture the genuine emotions experienced during challenging times, such as the recent pandemic. We recorded in a single location, adding to the challenge but ultimately enhancing the final result. 'It's Not Your Fault' is a powerful song that conveys resilience and hope, central themes in much of our work."

Dignify emphasizes their dedication to making music for those who resonate with their essence and seek growth and strength.

"It's Not Your Fault" is the second track from Dignify, following "Before the Dawn." These, along with three other new compositions, will be featured on their upcoming EP, "The Forge," set to release later in 2024. This EP is the first in a trilogy leading up to the band's debut album.

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