#BreakingNews : LUGUBRA Unleashes Debut Album "Flores e Pedras," Melding Classic and Modern Metal

The Bahian band Lugubra, formed in 2023, has released their debut album, "Flores e Pedras." Despite being a new group, the band's members bring decades of experience and recognition in the Brazilian metal scene, particularly in the northeast. This album showcases a blend of classic and modern metal, featuring lyrics in Portuguese that combine melancholy and aggression, poetry, prose, and consciousness. The sound spans subgenres such as Doom, Death, and Black Metal, while incorporating elements of Post-Rock and Progressive Rock, all anchored in true Heavy Metal.

Lugubra was formed by vocalist Leonardo Leão, guitarist Rafael Syade, and bassist Marcos Cazé after their previous band, Drearylands, disbanded in 2022 following the death of drummer Louis. They were later joined by drummer Ricardo Agatte and guitarist Mateus Alves, creating a unique and bold sound that balances modern and old-school metal.

Produced by renowned producer Jera Cravo, "Flores e Pedras" features lyrics in Portuguese, a rarity in the metal genre today. The album was launched with a performance at the Palco do Rock festival, the largest rock and metal festival in northeastern Brazil, during Salvador's Carnival.

Lugubra plans to continue live performances and prepare for the release of "Flores e Pedras" on CD along with their first music video. Follow @bandalugubra on Instagram for the latest updates and tour dates.

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