#BreakingNews : VEIN OF MOGOT Releases Debut Album "Romusha"

Tangerang's rising deathcore band, VEIN OF MOGOT, has officially released their debut album "Romusha." Formed in mid-2022 by guitarist Reza Rey and vocalist Yudra Arkan, the band takes its name from a revolutionary hero, Elias Daniel Mogot, honoring the history and struggles of their hometown.
Vein of Mogot burst onto the scene with their debut single "Romusha" in November 2022, which delved into the harsh realities of forced labor during the colonial era. They continued to explore themes of history, slavery, war, and social criticism with subsequent singles "Ignite" and "In Flames" released in early 2023.

Drawing inspiration from international deathcore giants like Shadow of Intent, Fit for an Autopsy, and Thy Art is Murder, Vein of Mogot's music features intricate, fast-paced riffs, powerful blast beats, and a dynamic mix of growl and scream vocals. The band's initial recordings and releases were a collaborative effort between Reza and Yudra.

With a new lineup featuring Reza Rey on guitar, Yudra Arkan on vocals, Jeje on drums, and Pradana "Piggy" Gilang on bass, Vein of Mogot is now fully equipped to make their mark on the Indonesian metal scene. Their debut album "Romusha," which includes their earlier singles and five new tracks, is now available on digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Email: Veinofmogot@gmail.com
HP: +62 856-7755-105 (Reza)