KI BARAK SĚLĚM or KI BARAK SELEM actually existed 25 years ago after its founder returned home to Denpasar after completing his education in Malang and Surabaya, but due to instrument constraints, Ki Barak Selem was only active again in the middle of 2023. This one-man band is led by Putra Pande (former guitarist and founder of the band ABETTOR OF SATAN in Surabaya), who tries to make music with limited musical skills without any ambition, just to express his emotions. Ki Barak Sělěm himself tries to mix Metal music dominated by the pentatonic strains of Balinese folk gamelan as well as doom and atmosphere, so it can be called the Balinese Folk Metal genre. As for the lyrical theme, it is about the mythology of Gods and Goddesses and the mystical teachings of ancient secrets. Ki Barak Sělěm is inspired by the bands Rudra (Singapore), Cult Of Fire (Prague, Cz), Misty (Bali) and Balinese gamelan music.

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KI is one of the titles known in Javanese/Balinese society to designate men who are old or elders and have excellence or knowledge that is recognized by the community. 
BARAK is a Balinese term for the color Red, which means violence, wisdom and courage.
SÉLÉM is a Balinese term for the color Black, which means compassion, gentleness and calmness.
So the meaning of KI BARAK SÉLÉM is an old man who is hard-hearted, wise and brave but still has a heart full of compassion, gentleness and calm in conveying 'DHARMA' through his songs.


On December 2, 2023, one-man band Ki Barak Sělěm released their debut single titled "महाकाली, You're the True Protector". This debut single was released to introduce Ki Barak Sělěm's music concept, where the music is dominated by the sound of traditional Balinese gamelan instruments with melodic distorted guitars as a characteristic of metal music. You can enjoy the lyric video of this debut single on the Youtube channel @kibarakselem and soon it can also be enjoyed on digital music platforms.


  • Produced by: Putra Pande
  • Music composed and arranged by: Putra Pande
  • Lyrics by: Putra Pande
  • All instruments by: Putra Pande
  • Vocals by: Putra Pande
  • Recorded, Mixing & Mastering by: Putra Pande at @TimeToHeadbanging Homestudio, Denpasar - Bali


  • Cover image idea and script by: Putra Pande
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  • Logo created by Corpsesign aka Ajunganom -


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  • Lyric video made & edited by: Putra Pande

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